On the move: Defending champ ships depth for star

This ‘On The Move Trade Report‘ is brought to you by the USPS. If it fits, it ships, for one low price.

In his first move since his second title, Rick Carrasquillo made the decision to consolidate some role players on Dynastic Tendencies into a star WR. Alshon Jeffery will be joining the defending champion’s roster, along with the 4th and 34th overall pick. In return, Jock Cockley acquires some pieces to fill out his roster, along with Dez Bryant. Bryant will be Joined by Emmanuel Sanders, Kenneth Dixon and Tyrell Williams.

Trying to reach the playoffs for the first time, Cockley is searching for the right mix of youth and experience as he builds his roster for the 2017 season. Bryant should be a nice compliment to Keenan Allen, if he returns healthy. Emmanuel Sanders should slide into a starting role for Cockley, however Williams and Dixon will have to fight for playing time come the start of the season. Keep and eye on Cockley’s backfield; if he can get some production, he could sneak into the playoffs in 2017.

The is a staff report from the 10D1B league office.


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