On the move: Orcas move up, send 2nd year wideout

This ‘On The Move Trade Report‘ is brought to you by the USPS. If it fits, it ships, for one low price.

Draft positioning is becoming a premium, and Aaron Breeding showed his eagerness to move up from 7th overall to 5th overall in a deal with the Duval Dinos and Clayton Tinkle. The two swapped first round picks, as well as other assets.

In the end, the Dinos received the 7th overall pick, the 32nd overall pick  and second-year wideout Tyler Boyd. The Dinos scouting department had a say in the trade, being quoted as “being intrigued” with Boyd coming out of Pittsburgh, but not having a pick in the first round last year limited their options to add depth.

For the Orcas, moving up in the draft has been a priority.  Now jumping from 7th to 5th could allow the Orcas to grab an elite talent to jump start their rebuild. The total haul for the Orcas is as follows: the fifth overall pick and the 22nd overall pick.

The is a staff report from the 10D1B league office.


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