On the Move: Picks, former Berkeley standout find new homes

This ‘On The Move Trade Report‘ is brought to you by the USPS. If it fits, it ships, for one low price.

As the new league season kicks off, trades come in flurries. Recently, the league office was informed of a deal between The Front Bortles and the Orlando Orcas. In the deal, Austin Carter received the aforementioned former Golden Bear  C. J. Anderson and the 17th overall pick in 2017 draft.

Carter, looking to build depth at the RB position, had been looking for the proper deal to move back into the second round. Breeding, looking to move into the first round to build his core, was willing to part with the underwhelming CJA to move to 7th overall.

As the draft approaches stayed logged into 10dudes.com to keep track of all the franchises jockeying for position.

The is a staff report from the 10D1B league office.


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