On the move: Top five shake up; Orcas, Royalty agree to deal

This ‘On The Move Trade Report‘ is brought to you by the USPS. If it fits, it ships, for one low price.

The league office has been informed of a deal involving the fifth overall pick. The Orlando Orcas and Aaron Breeding have agreed to trade fifth overall, 21st overall and Jimmy Garapollo to the River City Royalty and Sean Hawes for tenth overall, 11th overall and Donte Moncrief.

Donte Moncrief will find a starting spot on the Orcas roster immediately, and be accompanied by depth in rookies selected at tenth and eleventh. “A small price to pay,” said Breeding when asked about the price to acquire said depth.

Hawes, when asked about the trade, focused on the future and building a young core was Hawes’ focus. “Moncrief wasn’t a part of the long term future here in the River City,” Hawes mentioned. It’s been known that River City’s strategy has been to build through the draft, and this gives them a shot at three top five talents.

The is a staff report from the 10D1B league office.


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