On the move: Thirsty, thirsty tryna’ choose

This ‘On The Move Trade Report‘ is brought to you by the USPS. If it fits, it ships, for one low price.

“I got the Juice, I got the Juice!” River City Royalty GM Sean Hawes proclaimed in his breaking Monday afternoon press conference.

The league office was informed around 1 p.m. of a trade between the River City Royalty and the Duval Dinos. The trade sends Jarvis Landry and the 7th overall pick to the Royalty, while the Dinos receive the 2nd overall pick, the 21st overall pick, and the 31st overall pick.

When asked about the move, Clayton Tinkle, the Dinos GM spoke to the factor of team need. “As a franchise, we made a decision to pursue top-notch receivers on the trade market in the off-season with the hope we could use the depth to fill our larger need: running back.” The Dinos believe the they’ll have a shot at a top-notch running back in this years rookie draft.

On the Royalty side, Hawes explained the benefit of adding a talented WR with plenty of tread left on his tires to his young core that will be set after the draft. “Adding the 7th overall pick and Landry was a value too good to pass up. It puts us in a great situation moving foward, and Landry fits our contention window. The trade made sense for both sides.”

The Dinos look to add to it’s already young core, and perhaps make another run at a title. The last time the franchise won a championship, they took a shot at rookie running back Todd Gurley first overall by trading young WR talent.

The is a staff report from the 10D1B league office.


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